TechStyles USA is dedicated to helping businesses grow by making internet technologies accessible and relevant to daily activities. We can help you to stay in contact with your current clients or attract new ones with our balance of style and technology. With a focus on usability, we build web appications and web sites that will promote your corporate identity while performing crucial time-saving tasks.


A professional website is an essential part of a successful marketing effort. TechStyles USA programmers have been building web applications since 1998, back in the day when the Internet was just coming of age. Since then we've witnessed a lot of technological changes that have brought the internet deeper into our daily lives. This level of integration is what creates marketing opportunities. Having seen the fads come and go, we understand what works and what new technologies to use to enhance the marketability of our clients. Today, consumers are savvy and they do their homework about the products and services they purchase by searching the internet. If your website looks bad or you don't have one, you're not going to get their business.


Web 2.0 is term that has been thrown around a lot in the last few years that has been adding some confusion. The fact is, the internet hasn't changed, the way we use it has. The internet is no longer a one-way communication device, it is a multi-way collaboration utility. It's not just a way to reach out to your potential clients, it is a means by which to engage them in conversation. Our younger generations have embraced this and we will all come to expect it in the near future.

TechStyles USA has been developing with the tools of these kinds of dynamic web sites and applications for well over a decade. Technologies like JavaScript, AJAX, XML, DOM, PHP, JSP, ASP and Ruby. We build Blogs, Wiki's and Content Management Systems tailored to the needs of our clients and their clients.


HTML5 Powered The exciting development of the HTML5 standard promises a future of even greater dynamic web content. Already, users can have entire databases of information stored in their browsers ready to interact with engaging animations or productivity applications even if they're not connected to the internet. But it's not just about fancy graphics, HTML5 features provide powerful tools to help you engage with your clients and keep their attention.