TechStyles USA offers an array of services to help you save time and money. From logo design to online ad campaigns our web design company can take your business idea and get it out to your intended audience. We realize that every company is unique so every project is designed around your specific needs. Below are some basic price examples but for a comprehensive free estimate, call us at 773.451.8618 or send an email to

Web Design

Static pages consist of information, images and links with limited user interaction. These pages are better suited for businesses that want to display some pertinent information that rarely changes. (e.g. A restaurant that wants to display a take-out menu.) Additional information such as the hours of operation and a map with directions to the location can also be provided. A static web page can be a great marketing tool and a great start to your web presence. (A typical 5 page layout starts at $1,799)

Dynamic solutions offer a new level of flexibility that allow your web pages to interact with your user. Discussion forums, blogs, games, contests, slideshows and user generated content are just a few ways to create an interactive experience that will keep your visitors' attention. Dynamic content can even be changed from day to day giving users a reason to come back to the site or a regular basis. (e.g. Real Estate must update listings often since properties are bought and sold on a daily basis.) Most content can be updated easily with web forms in a secure administration section of the website. Simple question/answer fields allows the most novice of users to maintain a dynamic web site. (Dynamic sites start at $2,399)

Database solutions add an extra layer of functionality and flexibility. Large quantities of data can be processed and stored for archiving and management. A database protects the data while also offering the user the ability to search through the stored data. This information can then be exported to Microsoft Excel for reporting or shared with other parts of your organization via online reporting. (Database solutions start at $3,499)

E-commerce solutions - add a Web Store to your business and start making sales even on your day off. When you purchase our e-commerce solution, you get a custom built store for your merchandise. Maybe you need your e-store to be tied into an existing system; our team of technicians will integrate the two systems to work together with minimal cost to you! (Our e-commerce packages start at $4,999)


HTML - Hypertext Markup Language is the core of the web as we know it. Every browser in existence is programmed to interpret HTML. Our team of programmers and designers are experts in HTML programming including the exciting innovations of HTML5.

XML - eXtensible Markup Language is HTML's bigger stronger cousin. XML offers a number of advantages starting with layout / content separation. XML has evolved as a standard for almost every facet of web development and TechStyles USA is proud to be taking advantage of this great technology. Our web applications use XML as the communication tool. We also maximize XML's true potential for layout and data management.

JAVA - is a flagship of cross-platform compatibility. But Java is also a very powerful programming language with a strong support for web services. Java allows us to create dynamic applications within a web browser.

MySQL - is the #1 used database on the web! It's popularity is definitely related to its cost (FREE). Despite that, MYSQL is one of the most stable and robust databases out there. It might not have all the features of Oracle or SQL Server, but it can accommodate 90% of the businesses on the web.

Graphic Design

Custom logos are an essential part of any business. A good logo carries with it product recognition and communicates what your business is about in just a glance. TechStyles USA offers a thorough logo design process. We work closely with the client to create a logo that is well suited for both print and web media.

Brochures / business cards / envelopes / letterheads - Even in this digital age printed materials are still vital for every day operations. With professional looking media your business gains the kind of polish that will help it win contracts, gain clients and beat the competition. Bring your level of professionalism up by re-inventing your corporate image.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an acronym that makes many business owners shudder with thoughts of the permanent money drain that is often associated with site optimization. The professionals at TechStyles USA understand the bigger picture of search ranking. We approach SEO from a sustainability standpoint. We ask vital questions before we start your project so we can plot the best course to reach your goals as well as plan for the necessary adjustments along the way. "Cost-effective performance" is our expertise. Each site is set up for success based on our understanding and experience with the latest search algorithms used by Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft.

Other Services

Website Hosting - we can accommodate any size web page. Standard website hosting services start at just $10 per month for 50 MB of server space and basic PHP / MySQL support. Content Management System hosting starts at just $30 per month.

Website Maintenace - if you need help keeping your site up-to-date or you'd just like the security of knowing that a qualified person will be available to make changes to your site, we can help. Maintenance contracts start at just $30 per month.