Web Marketing

  1. Logo - Check!
  2. Business Cards - Check!
  3. Web Site - Check!
  4. Marketing...

How will your customers find your website?

Word of mouth?

Local advertizing?

Internet Search?

Search Engine Optimization with Advertising!

Search Engine Optimization is the key to making your business easy to find on the internet. At the beginning of the design process we'll work with you to determine the keywords to emphasize in your site content as well as embed in your site's markup. With our SEO package, your site's performance is continually monitored and updated to help move your page further up the search results*. We'll also provide you with monthly reports full of important details about your website's visitors so you can make more informed business decisions.

For our clients who are looking to more agressively promote their websites, we offer Google and Yahoo!/Bing advertising assistance. We'll take what we know about your current visitors and combine that with your business goals to craft online ad campaigns that target your desired clients. Advertisement copy writing assistance is available upon request.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an acronym that makes many business owners shudder with thoughts of the permanent money drain that is often associated with site optimization. The professionals at TechStyles USA understand the bigger picture of search ranking. We approach SEO from a sustainability standpoint. We ask vital questions before we start your project so we can plot the best course to reach your goals as well as plan for the necessary adjustments along the way. "Cost-effective performance" is our expertise. Each site is set up for success based on our understanding and experience with the latest search algorithms used by Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft.

*Each site will have unique results based on competition. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.