Databases are the key to data management. Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access and FileMaker Pro are some popular databases with which TechStyles USA administrators have had years of experience. Whether you need simple query reporting or relational structures, our database administrators can make it happen!

MS SQL Server

The workhorse of Microsoft, SQL Server is an enterprise-level database. SQL Server 2008 is leading the technological pack with a wide variety of innovations aimed at assuring the "always-on" functionality we have come to expect.

Digital Information / Data

In today's data driven society everyone's information is eventually cataloged in a database. Our experts understand the complexities of these data storing algorithms without loosing sight of the data they contain. Our goal is to make your data work for you!


MySQL is the world's most used relational database! Its popularity is directly proportional to its true strength: a superb code design and the support of one of the most sophisticated software companies in existence, Oracle.

MySQL's stablity and robustness are reasons why it's a leader in the marketplace. With a low cost of ownership (often free!) it can easily accommodate most start-up and medium-size company needs.


Oracle is the workhorse of modern business. Our databse administrators have the experience to conquer any Oracle project!